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Spoiler TV: Supernatural - Season 9 Plots - The Gripe Review

The last one, and the longest I’ve written so far. Examining all the disjointed and interlocking plots of Supernatural’s 9th season.

Spoiler TV: Supernatural – Season 9 Characters – The Gripe Review

You may love it, you may hate it, but you’ll definitely want to read it. My take on the way characters were treated in season 9.

As I said in the last Gripe Review I’m working on two essays for season 9, one on characters, the other on plots. I am still researching/writing these and they will be posted back to back in the coming weeks, real life permitting. It doesn’t help when your work place schedules a Strategic Planning Week in the middle of everything and takes all your spare time away.

Spoiler TV: Supernatural – Episode 9.22 – The Gripe Review

The one before the last. A lot to gripe about as usual.

Spoiler TV: Supernatural – Episode 9.21 – The Gripe Review

This week I’m pissed. Here is the Gripe Review for episode 9.21 of Supernatural.

Spoiler TV: Supernatural – Episode 9.19 – The Gripe Review

Not so gripey this week, though that says something about the whole season.

Spoiler TV: Supernatural – Episode 9.18 – The Gripe Review

This week we’ll talk about writers feeling like gods, gods throwing away good storylines, and casual viewers falling asleep.